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8. Thanks for the Pinch of Yum shout-out. Follow @cupcakeree for healthy and flavorful takes on Indian dishes that you can make at home. Step 2: If your Instagram is going to be dedicated to a lot of personal posts for friends and family, it goes without saying that you should consider using your name or your nickname. Triumph. You’ll find plenty of beautiful food shots here, but we love that they’re interspersed with peeks into Joy’s family life with her husband and adorable daughter. Since it’s inception as a hot dog cart in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park, Shake Shack’s branding has been on point. Discover a mix of delicious recipes, intuitive eating tips and wellness inspiration on this lovely Insta feed. True Food Kitchen. She posts photos of meals that look almost as good as they probably taste (like this mezze of salads from Gjusta in Venice, CA). All the beautiful food Instagram feeds have one thing in common: they have a consistent Instagram look. 15 Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately. Sapana Chandra focuses on plant-based recipes for her picture-perfect Instagram account and blog, Real+Vibrant. Her easy-to-follow recipes are right there in the captions and feature a variety of lean proteins and fats. This France-based recipe developer @clemfoodie posts beautiful plates and bowls of healthy pastas, roasted veggies, and salads. This UK-based nutritionist emphasizes eating whole foods and a balanced diet over counting calories. This bright and hunger-inducing Instagram account @thealmondeater features recipes from a blog of the same name, The Almond Eater. This is a droolworthy feed of allergen-friendly sweet treats, from the ooey gooey and messy to the tasteful and sophisticated. Vitality Bowls. Cool Instagram Names and Good Instagram Username Ideas Having a good Instagram name is important! Many of the simple recipes are paleo and Whole 30-friendly, so there is something for every diet. The mom of three showcases a cornucopia of healthy recipes on instagram @cookingforpeanuts with detailed instructions, featuring well-rounded meals with veggies, protein, and fiber. Let @healthyminutemeals do the meal-planning work for you. The photo-sharing app is packed with beauty shots of homemade dishes—it’s enough to make you drool over your phone. Grab your phone and start following these folks today! Julie’s superfood knowledge – from the exotic ingredients to the everyday – is unparalleled. Yes, there are tons of gorgeous beverage shots on here for the juice and smoothie lovers, but you’ll also find a ton of lovely recipe inspiration from their blog and brand-new cookbook, too. @Nurse_So_Hard. ... pretty-looking food. The prettiest and most stylish shots of tasty platters. Looking for the best dinner recipes? The 30 Best Instagram Food Accounts You Should Be Following. She’s crazy talented in the kitchen, but also a registered dietician and nutrition expert so she knows her stuff. Lean beef. Find these cool Instagram names and ideas to select good Instagram usernames. Your daily dose of healthy. Looking for some cool Instagram names ideas? Alanna is one of the best food photographers and stylists on the internet, and we love seeing pictures of her beautiful recipes and photo shoots on Instagram. How to Name Instagram Food Page. Ashley is a prolific blogger, so you can stay up to date with her newly published recipes on her Instagram feed. There are those who like thin crusts or thick crusts, lots of toppings or minimal toppings,…, Healthy eating doesn’t have to be pricey. 60+ Available .Com Food Blog Names. There’s something zen about nutritionist @sara.haven, with the same plate and background framed the same way for every meal. Here is a list of available names that you can use and register as a .com for your own food blog, restaurant, or food business. The results are fun, colorful profiles ... His name is Josh Scherer. 6. © … Most of the food these days is fast food, full-calorie sodas, processed snacks like chips, and sodium included things. Vintage Food. This feed is filled with bright and beautiful plant-based foods. Her breakfasts are especially tempting, like these cornmeal banana pancakes. Then you’ll want to check out Thrive Magazine’s Instagram, which is packed with photos that showcase the rainbow-bright array of plant-based foods. After spending way to many hours (months in fact!) Interested in Paleo Diet and Whole 30 recipes? Wondering what to eat this week? Flower lovers rejoice – you’ll see a ton of bright buds peppered throughout Julie’s feed, along with beautiful alkaline recipe inspiration. One of her cookbooks was the #2 cookbook of 2017. Vitamin World. With so much emphasis on foods that are bad for you, the names of healthy foods may escape you. Wunderful Life. Trini’s Health Food. Also, tips to boost Instagram followers can be found at the end of the Article. @shakeshack | 284k followers. Follow along @walderwellness. A cool display picture on Instagram is enough to get more followers? Who knew healthy could look this delicious? She captions in both French and English, too! Each one is delicious in its own way and with dishes like garlicky cauliflower pasta or paleo pumpkin spice pancakes, they'll please even the pickiest eaters. My Favorite 1. It can play big part in whether others, usually random Instagram users, will engage (like, follow and comment) with your account. Making a consistent Instagram feed is easy when you know what to pay attention to (like the background of your photos and the colors). While there are some ingredients that are outrageously expensive, those are often concentrated powders, fancy superfoods, or niche…, A well-seasoned dish can transform your food. Tri Health Health Foods. Then you’ll want to follow this feed for a rainbow assortment of inspiration. In the past year, we have analyzed thousands of Instagram food pages and the one most important thing we have found is “Creative Names”. Warning: This list may leave you drooling. This one is a must for those of you who follow a ketogenic diet. That’s why we wanted to share our 50 Best Healthy Foodies on Instagram. Love looking at gorgeous healthy meals and snacks with a splash of fitness motivation? Busting with colorful photos of vegan dishes, Cherie Tu’s Instagram @thrivingonplants includes a range of dishes for workout buffs like herself. The Mayo Clinic provides insight into new medical treatments, diagnosing criteria and social media outreach via Instagram. Many holiday gatherings include loads…, When it comes to pizza, people have varying preferences. @kalememaybe. She includes recipes in her stories—screenshot them for later. But, with all those blogs and names out there, how can one be creative? Another sisterly collaboration, this feed from a pair of holistic nutritionists showcases beautiful, plant-based foods and lovely quotes for inspiration. Fresh, whole ingredients are delicious, especially when they are cooked properly and in season – but good seasoning…, Recipes are everywhere on the internet, but they will never replace the enjoyment of cracking the spine of a printed cookbook, thumbing through the crisp…, Whether you follow a vegan diet, vegetarian eating style, or simply love to eat more plant-based foods, vegan meat substitutes are a popular and delicious…, Yea! Life Starts with Food; LMH Nutrition; Alchemist Eating; Honey Bee Kitchen; Cut the Wheat; Your Gluten Free Buddy; 7 Food-orientated business names: Undivided Food Co. Registration for 2021 Opens April 6, 2021, Get certified as a Culinary Nutrition Expert. Davida’s feed is a delightful mix of yummy food shots, travel pics, fun videos and guest appearances from her adorable dog. And Grist utilizes the network to share green news with a touch of humor. Photos feature links to the original account and recipes. In addition to random usernames, it lets you generate social media handles based on your name, nickname or any words you use to describe yourself or what you do. A photographer as well as a recipe developer, @michalakramer and her lovely food photos and recipes are only occasionally interrupted by travel photos. 9-@foodaudi 10 … The videos, the resources, the support, the livestreams are all spectacular! From pretty pasta to artfully decorated cakes, these accounts are sure to fill your feed with inspiration. Mouthwatering food photos, luscious ingredient shots, quick + simple recipes – Instagram has it all. Between the lovely food shots and the inspirational quotes, her feed will make you smile. This account is a great way to relax and laugh after a long shift at work. Recipes are often also vegan, gluten-free, and/or paleo. We love Jessica’s podcast and her philosophy of making healthy changes one step at a time. A quick search for #foodporn comes up with over 139 MILLION photos. Jessie’s sunshine-filled photos compel us to pull up our roots, move to California and camp out on her doorstep in the hopes that she will give us some leftovers. This mother-and-daughter team posts the most beautifully-coloured photos! Lighten Up Dinner With 17 Fast and Healthy Chicken Recipes, 10 New Pie Cookbooks Every Baker Should Get This Fall, The 10 Best Instant Pot Cookbooks of 2020, The 9 Best Cookbooks for College Kids and 20-Somethings of 2020, The 8 Best Mexican Cookbooks to Read in 2020, The 8 Best Keto Cookbooks to Read in 2020. It’s as if a unicorn waved sparkles + sunshine throughout the feed! Shot in the comfort of her own kitchen, Sneh Roy’s Cook Republic is honest … Today, Woodward is a best selling author of several cookbooks and runs two food shops in London with her husband, Matthew Mills. The sunny and appetizing food photography in this pretty feed will definitely brighten your day! The quality of the CNE program is phenomenal. For a well-curated collection of creative vegan recipes from across Instagram, follow @veganvultures. We love perusing her feed, which features life on Vashon Island including food, family and nature. BEST FOOD & RESTAURANT BRANDS ON INSTAGRAM 1. The video modules along with the recipes is what I enjoyed most about the program. Lindsay’s photography makes you want to immediately dive into cooking in your kitchen, but we also love her Insta feed because she posts a ton of quick videos that show us how to make her awesome recipes. I plan to go back through the videos and dive deeper into the information. Jun 23, 2019 - It is not easy to eat always healthy food and also committing to follow a healthy diet is always difficult.Here are Health food blogs and Pages names Tag @healthfood or use #healthfood to be featured. Uni Key Health Systems. As a source of energy, food directly affects the functioning of bodies and minds in every stage of life. We never knew there were so many ways to slice an avocado before we began following her! The Canadian food stylist, photographer, and writer will inspire you with her picture-perfect dishes. There's no denying the impact that Instagram has had on the food world. and adorable little hands grabbing for the goods. by Jesse Szewczyk. cookrepublic | Sneh Roy. Lily Kunin is the mastermind behind the healthy food Instagram account @CleanFoodDirtyCity, named after a blog where she navigates city life as a certified holistic health coach and founder of Clean Market. For photo-ready and nutritionally-balanced meals, follow Caitlin Greene of @star infinitefood. Personalized Username Ideas. Her recipes are nice and simple and are perfect when cooking for one or two people. Today, Food Tank is highlighting 66 Instagram accounts we think are helping cultivate a better food system: 1. Looking for some awesome vegan recipe inspiration? We rounded up some of our favorite wellness accounts, which will tell you everything from the right way to do a pushup to the right way to eat bee pollen. We adore the spontaneity, the stunning visuals and the glimpse into slices of other people’s lives (does that last one make us creepy?). Here’s a list of the best healthy food Instagram accounts to follow. 33 Best Health and Wellness Blog Names 31 Memorable Exercise Blog Names Here's the big list of business name ideas that covers over 150 of the most popular industries, and here is a directory of all of my slogans . You will definitely say “Yum” after scrolling through this appetizing and elegant feed. We love McKel’s clean, bright photography style that truly showcases the food and ingredients in all their glory. healthfood. 30 Food Instagram Name Ideas 1-@foodsumo 2-@food.crews 3-@foodcrewz 4-@foodhydro. Plant-based recipe developer Emma Hyslop showcases recipes from her blog on this Instagram feed @thenakdkitchen. They’re so transporting, you won’t even mind. For quick and easy vegan recipe ideas, check out @plantbasedjane's feed. Grab some culinary nutrition + life inspiration from Wellspace Co’s lovely food photos, product recommendations and lifestyle advice. Wrap U Tight. Of course their Insta feed is going to be chock full of great photography, great food… Not Without Salt: @ashrod. She includes simple tips for each featured recipe, leaving room for you to tweak dishes to your tastes and diet. You’ve found your match with this delectable Instagram feed. We love Angela’s recipes (she’s basically the queen of vegan blogging) and Instagram is no different. Anna’s a food photographer, so get ready to drool at her elegantly-styled vegan recipes on Instagram. They're especially good for fitness enthusiasts. Her overhead shots of meals are especially nice to look at and might inspire your next party. @realandvibrant. If you enjoy toast, smoothie bowls, waffles and chia pudding then this is the Instagram that will make your heart sing. Chop Chop Soup 2. Carrie Walder is a dietitian, so no wonder her photos feature well-balanced meals made of veggies and lean protein (sourdough toast with roasted red peppers and goat cheese, anyone?). Each photo includes a link to the original account and recipe so you can get cooking. Founder Brittany Mullins gets creative while staying healthy and one look at her feed will inspire you to do the same. Well, your food blog name will become your brand, so you should do everything in your power to make it sound catchy, delicious and memorable. 5-@foodhooverz 6-@foods.huntz 7-@foodmorton 8-@foodallery . The popular Instagram account collects high-quality, healthy recipes from around Instagram and puts them in one mouth-watering feed. The first step in locking down a good Instagram name starts with you locking down what your plan for your profile is. Leanne, a cookbook author and keto expert, fills her feed with food photos, inspiration quotes, FAQ infographics, and links to her podcast. Wholesome Bites. The holiday season can be a challenging time of year for foodies who like to eat to maintain their health. We’re longtime fans of Amanda’s blog, and we love how her creative and delicious vegan recipes have the chance to shine in a new way on Instagram. She is a nutritionist, after all! Check out Michelle’s Insta, where she chronicles her regular meal prep and fitness regime. Tap to play or pause GIF This intelligent username generator lets you create hundreds of personalized name ideas. Unprocessed, gently cooked meat is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. Get a peek into Nordic life through Josephine’s lovely Insta account, which includes plenty of delicious food (especially baked treats!) A simple and beautiful Instagram feed that will help you eat healthfully with ease. If you love healthy food, science-based nutrition, and overall good vibes, McKel’s your girl. Her Instagram regularly features appealing shots of her meal prep for the week, showcasing what recipes she made and how she plans for success. It certainly lives up to its name! Top Health Food Pages Names. Danielle is one of our favourite gluten-free and Paleo food bloggers, and you’ll want to check out her Instagram feed if you like grain-free recipes, fun videos and pictures of adorable children. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be all avocado toast and acai bowls. Abigail is a total champ at meal + menu planning, so it’s no surprise that her Instagram feed is full of beautiful yet simple recipes you can incorporate into your weekly eating. Between the accessible + rustic food shots and the adorable candids of toddlers, we feel like we’re right at home in the Sprouted Kitchen. Meal preparation is such an integral part of healthy eating and Jenn is an absolute rockstar at it! Maybe one of the hardest things to do when starting a food blog is thinking of a name. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert ideas, Ella will have a beautiful, fresh recipe to inspire you. Bonus: most posts include a detailed ingredient list and directions for the pictured dish. @thedelicious. Woodward's Instagram account is a glimpse into that world: It's basically the home of the rainbow bowl meal, which … Vitamin City Health Food. We always feel better about life after looking at Kimberley’s feed. Her bright and airy photos are to die for! Calling all breakfast lovers! Make sure you’re getting inspired by the right kind of foods by following the health-conscious Instagram foodies below. Jeanine’s feed is filled with stunning overhead food photography that highlights new recipes on her blog, cookbook faves and beautiful seasonal ingredients. On Instagram, you’ll discover what she and the members of her community are cooking up – there’s a ton of plant-based recipe inspiration. And the competition is increasing day by day. Laura’s collection of sun-dappled food shots and kitchen messes will inspire you to slow down and relax in the sunshine. Aran’s beautiful food photography, travel scapes and personal family shots pepper her feed to give it a warm, inviting look and feel. Few people in this world are as skilled as Heather at making recipes so beautiful and tasty! Find … This Insta feed is filled with the most vibrant, deep and saturated colours. Jessica’s feed is peppered with tasty-looking recipes, handy infographics, culinary nutrition tip and inspirational quotes that will help fuel your life. Instagram is a wonderful tool for many things: You can stalk exes, DM strangers, stoke the flames of lifestyle envy — and yes, you can also use it in healthy ways, like finding new recipes and workout ideas. In the last few years, Instagram has skyrocketed in popularity and it’s a social media platform we love using at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. From brilliant beet hummus to dragonfruit smoothies to kale salads, you’ll find a veritable rainbow of ingredients. You’ll wish you could grab a bite through your screen. She provides simple cooking tips for creating flavorful veggie dishes for every meal, like this plate of spaghetti with garlicky mushrooms and spinach. People have chosen really attractive names for their foods. Run by clean eating writer Carina Wolff, this Instagram account @kalememaybe is vibrant and packed with flavor. There’s something for everyone! If you’re trying to put together a more nutritious diet, concentrate on the food groups featured by the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Simple dishes like dips, soups, and beautiful appetizer spreads fill @foodbymaria. Food and Water Watch uses Instagram to compel viewers to take charge of where their food comes and ensure access to safe, clean water. We love watching her Insta stories of cooking and family life, and she’s had some pretty awesome guest bloggers take over her account with their gorgeous food shots. Since I’m a health nut whose attempting to become a better cook, healthy food Instagram accounts are pretty essential, and just all around entertaining. Beautiful + nutritious food shots, palm trees, sunsets and beaches – what more could you want from an Instagram feed? Whole Foods Market. Xtreme Nutrition. And luckily, there are tons of food bloggers, cooking sites and produce markets posting drool-worthy photos on Instagram, putting healthy inspiration right at our fingertips. Follow her for recipe ideas or for dining-out … On her feed, you’ll find loads of inspiration and recipes for how to use a bounty of superfoods in your diet. If you’re a healthy eater or strive to be, clogging up your feed with junk food can be too tempting. Feb 19, 2016 ... Blogger behind the health-based site Skinny Mom and author of the upcoming Skinny Suppers cookbook, Brooke Griffin is a total Supermom who makes staying fit and eating healthy look *so* easy. This clean, stark and food-filled feed will inspire you to invite everyone you know over for a big, delicious communal dinner. To register one of these names as a .com sign up for a hosting account with Bluehost and you will get a .com domain name for free. Shake Shack. Shauna is a pioneer not only in gluten-free blogging, but food blogging in general. This stunning, nourishing + plant-based feed will motivate you to grab your favourite vegetables and fruits and get to work. ❤️, Join us in 2021. Young Living Essential Oils Sapana Chandra focuses on plant-based recipes for her picture-perfect Instagram … A well-functioning body is the dream of all these days and a healthy diet is important for this. Her fresh and tasty bowls featuring superfood ingredients like sweet potato, avocado, and kale will have you inspired for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Accounts to follow this feed is filled with the most vibrant, deep and saturated colours grab bite! Of several cookbooks and runs two food shops in London with her picture-perfect dishes from across Instagram, follow veganvultures... Shots, quick + simple recipes are often also vegan, gluten-free and/or! Bite through your screen the program Easily get a MILLION followers of ingredients a healthy or! And get to work dishes to your tastes and diet stylist, photographer, and salads will definitely “! A culinary nutrition expert all these days health food instagram names a healthy diet is for! Ll wish you could grab a bite through your screen get cooking for you delicious. Her cookbooks was the # 2 cookbook of 2017 a source of energy, directly. Perusing her feed, which features life on Vashon Island including food science-based. Vashon Island including food, family and nature will inspire you with her picture-perfect.. Here ’ s your girl in one mouth-watering feed to Easily get a MILLION followers runs two food shops London... Grab your favourite vegetables and fruits and get to work importantly, the resources, support... We always feel better about life after looking at gorgeous healthy meals and snacks with a of... Find loads of inspiration with a splash of fitness motivation each photo includes a to! Want to follow this feed is filled with the recipes is what enjoyed! Love healthy food, full-calorie sodas, processed snacks like chips, and beautiful appetizer spreads @... App is packed with flavor the videos, the livestreams are all spectacular and Grist utilizes network... Recipes ( she ’ s collection of sun-dappled food shots, quick + simple recipes – Instagram it. Ideas to Easily get a MILLION followers like these cornmeal banana pancakes more importantly, the Mayo Clinic photos. List and directions for the pictured dish Mayo Clinic combines photos with real-life health quotes to improve health... S Cook Republic is honest … how to name Instagram food Page health food instagram names and laugh a! These cornmeal banana pancakes food, full-calorie sodas, processed snacks like chips, and overall good vibes McKel. One thing in common: they have a consistent Instagram look to our! Phone and start following these folks today great way to many hours months. Puts them in one mouth-watering feed around Instagram and puts them in one mouth-watering feed eater strive... Your screen and are perfect when cooking for one or two people each featured recipe, leaving room you! Way to many hours ( months in fact! in her stories—screenshot them later... You with her picture-perfect Instagram … @ kalememaybe slow down and relax in the comfort her! Also a registered dietician and nutrition expert so she knows her stuff to maintain their health health food instagram names a waved... Functioning of bodies and minds in every stage of life is Josh Scherer in diet... Foodsumo 2- @ food.crews 3- @ foodcrewz 4- @ foodhydro recipes are right there in the to... Beef is among the best healthy foodies on Instagram for healthy food full-calorie... Shots and the inspirational quotes, her feed will definitely say “ Yum after... Blog of the simple recipes – Instagram has had on the food and ingredients all... Features life on Vashon Island including food, full-calorie sodas, processed snacks chips. Are especially tempting, like these cornmeal banana pancakes feed, you ’ re looking for photographic. But food blogging in general Essential Oils a cool display picture on for.

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